New Group Starting Fall 2015

Hi Mamas,
After talking with Jeanne Baswell I learned that the new mom's group is planning a kickoff event in May and then start regular twice a month (every other Thursday) meetings in September and going forward. 

With that information and based on multiple conversations with many of you, Mama and Me has officially ended/transitioned to the new group. I hope you will take part in this new group. I'm excited to hear about it from you all.

In the meantime, if you have questions or would like to connect with other parents at Trinity, please contact the church office and they can direct you appropriately.

I can't thank you all enough for your support and encouragement over the past few years. To say that I will miss you all is a Texas-sized understatement. You all helped me transition to being a SAHM/WAHM and embraced my boys like they are your own. I will be forever grateful.

Much Love,


Mama and Me Resuming and Changes

Mama and Me will resume tomorrow (Tuesday, September 2) at 10am in the church nursery. Our schedule is also changing after much discussion and feedback from many of you. Instead of meeting every week, Mama and Me is changing to a bi-monthly format. We will meet the first and third Tuesday of each month. Group parties will be held on the date closest to the event we are celebrating. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you guys soon!



Summer Hiatus

Mama & Me is on hiatus for the summer.

After much discussion, the decision was made for Mama & Me to take the summer off and reconvene in September. Of course, this doesn't mean that we can't organize playdates, Mom's Night Out, etc. It just means that we won't have a set Tuesday meeting time over the summer.

Feedback is requested about the format for Mama & Me once we start again in September. A few people have mentioned not meeting weekly, but being on a set, non-weekly schedule (examples: the first Tuesday of the month or the first and third Tuesdays of the month). Please take some time to pray about this.

Our children are all at different stages and phases of life and we should take that into account to ensure the future of such a wonderful group.


Summer at Mama and Me

The email below was just sent the Mama & Me group email. If you can help with any of the dates listed as needing a host, please either respond to the email or comment below this post.

Hi Mamas,

After talking with a number of you, it seems like it will be best to mix things up a bit this summer with Mama and Me. 

For the summer only (June-August), the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month we will be having Mama and Me at off-site locations (parks, homes, etc.). The other Tuesdays will be in the nursery at church. Volunteers are needed to host at a few of the off-site locations. 

In addition, I need some volunteers to coordinate after I have this baby. I'm hoping for people to host Mama and Me (whether it's off-site or at the church) through the end of September. A calendar is below and includes the dates needing a host. Please let me know if you are willing to host.

June 3 - M&M at TUMC
June 10 (2nd Tuesday) - M&M at Patriot Park (West Homewood)
June 17 - M&M at TUMC
June 24 (4th Tuesday) - M&M at the Bubrigs

July 1 - M&M at TUMC
July 8 (2nd Tuesday) - need off-site location/host
July 15 - M&M at TUMC
July 22 - NO M&M - TUMC VBS
July 29 - M&M at TUMC - NEED HOST (this is my due date so who knows if I will be there)

August 5 - M&M at TUMC - NEED HOST
August 12 (2nd Tuesday) - need off-site location/host
August 19 - M&M at TUMC - NEED HOST
August 26 (4th Tuesday) - need off-site location/host

September 2 - M&M at TUMC - NEED HOST
September 9 - M&M at TUMC - NEED HOST
September 16 - M&M at TUMC - NEED HOST
September 23 - M&M at TUMC - NEED HOST
September 30 - M&M at TUMC - NEED HOST

Thanks so much!!!



Easter and Summer Events/Reminders

Upcoming Events
Palm Cross Workshop - TOMORROW - 9am - Info
Trinity Egg Hunt - Sunday, April 13 - 3pm - Patriot Park in Homewood - kids 3 to 2nd grade
Mama and Me - Easter Party - 10am Tuesday at the Mooneys

Summer Reminders